From peace to pandemonium

I heard stifled giggles from behind me. I turned in my seat to have a look. There were eight campers laying belly down on their windsurf boards, without the sails attached. They had used their hands to paddle themselves around to the fishing dock.

”Hi Nurse Anne!” Robert, the windsurf instructor, whispered.

”Well hello! No wind for your sails today?” I asked.

”None!” Robert answered as the hoarde continued to paddle past me.

”Hard to have a windsurfing class without the wind bit, I guess, eh?”

”Impossible!” Robert whispered.

”What’s with the whispering?” I dropped my voice to match Robert’s.

”We are trying to execute a sneak attack on the sailing class…shhhh!” Robert held a finger to his lips.

“Oh! I see! That sounds fun! Ummm, good luck? I guess?” I whispered.

Robert gave me the thumbs up and continued to paddle stealthily towards the two sailboats. I could see that the boys in the sailboats were all laying about on the decks and in the hull likely lulled into napping as they bobbed on the water. They were totally unsuspecting.

The surfers were quickly approaching their targets when I heard the motor boat come buzzing around the corner at top speed. I turned again in my chair to see that Paul was driving the little aluminum boat and sitting up at the front of the bow was my son. His hair was blowing backwards, he had an orange life jacket securely in place, a fierce expression, and was holding his little fists high in the air.

Patrick’s expression softened slightly when he caught sight of me. He smiled, waved, and then reset his mouth into a comical grimace when Paul bellowed, “ATTACK!”

With the command barely delivered the surfers, now pulled up beside the sailboats, began to climb aboard the vessels. The sailors, obviously startled out of their morning naps, appeared shocked and confused.

Ten minutes later, after a lot of wrestling and splashing, the surfers claimed victory as all the sailors were eventually tossed into the lake.

Paul held a paddle in the air and chanted, “VICTORIOUS!” The surfers joined in and repeatedly chanted, “VICTORIOUS! VICTORIOUS! VICTORIOUS!”

From peace to pandemonium in a matter of minutes. I giggled and then went back to my reading.

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