Camping plans

We sat down to a lunch of summer sausage in a cheese sauce and a broccoli salad.

“I think we should go see the Deer Hut kids campers take off for Little Indian Island.” I told my three kids.

“Definitely!” Barb responded as she ladled out lunch to her two. “It’s quite a sight. You might want to eat quickly and then go watch them take off.”

“Would you guys be interested in seeing that?” I asked them.

“What is it, Mum?” Patrick asked.

“The Deer Hut campers paddle the big red war canoe over to Little Indian Island. Then, they have lunch and dinner there and stay over night in tents.” Patrick’s eyes widened.

“Woooow!” Patrick exclaimed.

“We can see them take off from the canoe dock.”

“But Muuuuuuum! I really want to sleep in a tent too.” Megan whined.

“I know. So, I have good news.” Megan looked at me expectantly. “I talked to Lydia and she said we could get a ride in the party boat over to the island before dinner tonight. We can stay for dinner and then sleep in our own tent on the island too!”

“Yes!” Megan squealed and high-fived Sarah.

“The party boat!” Patrick murmured in awe. His eyes shone.

“Wow! Really Anne? You want to do that?” Barb whispered to me and looked at me skeptically.

“Oh. No. Not at all. Sounds rather terrible honestly. Sleeping on the ground with three little kids…but they want to do it and Lydia said she would cover the clinic at bedtime tonight. So…” I shrugged.

Barb giggled. “Maybe it will be fun?” I looked at her and blinked. We both snorted.

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