“What are you up to next?” Father asked.

”We have plans to camp out on Little Indian this evening.” I gave Father a ghoulish grin.

“Oh reaaaaalllly?” Father’s eye brows shot up with surprise.

“Yup. The kids’ idea. Not mine.”

“I wondered. You don’t relish the concept of sleeping in a tiny tent on uneven ground, surrounded by twenty Deer Hut campers on an inescapable island?”

“Nope.” I answered dryly. “But…it’s for the kids.” I shrugged.

“That should be our tag-line. It’s always for the kids here at camp.” Father patted my shoulder. “Will I see you at dinner?”

“No. We will be traveling on the party boat to the island bringing all the fixin’s for a camp-fire prepared dinner. Then we will be eating with the Deer Hut campers.”

“At least you don’t have to paddle the whole way there!”

“True!” I nodded. Small mercies.

“I will pray for you!” Father giggled.

“I appreciate that! First thing might be a dip in the lake though to wash the dirt off.”  I said as I looked at the soil embedded in my nails.

“That does sound refreshing. Off you go then. I will put all the tools away. Thanks again for the assistance.”

“Many hands make light the work.” I responded.

”Teamwork makes the dream work!” Father held his hands out to indicate the charming garden. “Also it was nice to have the company!”

“I’m in total agreement!” I waved as I started back down towards the beach.

As I walked along I thought about that beautiful St Francis quote. “A full heart, enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage.” Camp was definitely honest service, love and sacrifice. Everyday. The thought filled my heart.

Courage was needed too. To come up here, inexperienced, with my three kids in tow. That was definitely courageous. The four of us camping on the island took some courage too. And maybe a dose of insanity, I scoffed.

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