Homeward Bound

The Deer Hut campers were wakened by Rob banging a ladle on a pot. He marched around the tents, banging and singing a most aggravating song.

“Wakey, wakey! Eggs ‘n bakey! Biscuits flakey. Brightening sky. Breakfast gonna stick to every rib! Rise and shiney! Don’t be whiney. Move your hiney! Sun is high and time to start the day!”

He had way too much energy for 6 AM. He, obviously, had slept better than I had.

Moaning and sighing, we got up, got dressed, rolled up our sleeping bags, loaded our PJ’s away, tore down our tents and packed them up. There was minimal chatter. No one was in the mood. I myself was too exhausted and my neck was killing me. I knew the campers were not relishing the paddle back to camp. Myself and my kids, thankfully, would ride the party boat back and I was grateful for that mercy.

We took our provisions down to the dock. We loaded the food, kitchen items, tents, back packs, sleeping bags and pillows onto the party boat. Once everything was loaded up, the Deer Hut campers, resigned to their fate, and in almost total silence, pulled on their life jackets, grabbed a paddle, got into the war canoe and paddled off back towards camp.

“Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!” Rob chanted as the boys attempted to synch up.

We watched them disappear around the bend as Shawn and Emily did a quick search of the island, looking for stray items. I helped my three get life jackets on and stepping over all the supplies we settled onto the boat. Shawn and Emily came back with a shoe, a pair of briefs, and a towel.

“One shoe?” I asked shaking my head. Emily shrugged and Shawn just laughed as they both boarded the boat. Shawn untied us and pulled in the boat fenders. Emily started up the boat and we gently pulled out from the dock. Once Emily had us a safe distance from the island she turned to us and said, “Are ya ready?”

My eyes widened. I motioned to Patrick to grab the railing tightly. I watched at the girls followed suit and I seized hold and stiffened.

“Hit it!” I yelled to Emily and did she ever! She pulled the throttle with all her might and gave a joyful laugh as the boat hurtled forward. My neck protested.

Our hair whipped about our faces as we dashed across the lake in a repeat of the trip to the island yesterday. It was only a few minutes before we caught up to the war canoe. Emily gave them a wide berth as we passed them but I watched as the canoe bounced over our massive wake. I held my breath hoping they would not capsize. Paddles were flailing and I could hear faint screams above the roar of the engine. From what I could see they had taken on some water but they managed to avoid capsizing. Emily and Shawn both looked back briefly, noted the carnage, and then exchanged conspiratorial glances with each other. Then they both broke out into the giggles. I shook my head.

‘You are the worst!” I yelled at the two of them.

“We only grow when we face challenges!” Emily yelled at me. I shook my head again and then, I have to shamefully admit, that I too giggled.

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  1. mary.chesser mary.chesser says:

    Enjoyable. Love Mom


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