Ibuprofen and Strong Coffee

We helped unpack the party boat and then quietly gathered our belongings and trucked back upstairs. Radio Acorn was playing full blast. We threw everything in our room and changed our clothes. I would unpack later. I splashed some cool water on my face in the bathroom. I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. I had fearsome bags under my eyes. Ewww. I shrugged.

“Come down to the Health Office, OK? I need to set out the medications for this morning.” I yelled over the music to the kids, they nodded, and we headed downstairs. All three of them flopped on the floor and waited while I got busy in the office. I had it all organized in short order. I swallowed two ibuprofen myself as I rubbed my tender neck. We all washed our hands and then went down to the dining hall.

The LITs were running around setting up the tables for breakfast. The kids sat in their usual seats. Patrick crossed his arms on the table, rested his chin on them and then closed his eyes. The girls, elbows on the table, held their heads in their hands and sat in silence.

I dragged myself over to the coffee maker and prepared an extremely strong brew. I grabbed coffee cups and milk from the kitchen and waved at Jessie, obviously the fill-in for Shawn, as she was preparing breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and croissants. “Morning!”, we bellowed at each other over the music.

I placed the milk and cups down on the coffee bar. The coffee was starting to drip. It looked as black as tar. Perfect. It, along with the anti-inflammatory, just might get me through the day.

The music was not quite so loud in the dining hall. I sat down at the table and decided to brave attempting conversation despite the three of them looking dog-tired.

“Did you guys enjoy the camping?” I glanced at one face after another.

“It was dope.” Megan said as she perked up a tiny bit.

“Da bomb,” Sarah added and nodded.

“Oh, OK, dope. Da bomb. Uh huh.” I looked at Patrick who’s eyes were still closed. “What did you think Patrick? Did you have fun last night?

Patrick never opened his eyes but nodded and said, “It was cool beans.”

Well…that was certainly lavish praise.

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