Strong Cuppa

It wasn’t long before campers began to line up outside and staff started to wander into the dining hall. Father Brian, Barb, Bill and the kids shuffled in and joined us at the table. Father Brian took one at the four of us and busted out in a laugh.

“Rough night, eh?” Bill asked as he took notice of our state of affairs.

I gave them a half smile. “Well….it was fun night. We enjoyed the boat ride, the food was great, the game was awesome and we had a very entertaining campfire but…it was not the most comfortable sleeping arrangements. It actually made me miss for my bunk bed on the third floor. Let’s just put it that way!”

“Oh boy! That’s saying something!” Barb laughed and I smiled.

“Coffee, anyone? I made it extra strong this morning.” I offered.

All three of them accepted the offer and I gathered up their cups, took them over to the coffee bar, filled them with the black steaming fluid, added the milk and carefully balanced them as I brought them back to the table. I sat down and took a swig. It was robust. It gave me hope. I took a deep breath and sighed.

Bill took a large swig, held it in his mouth with a thoughtful look on his face and then spit it back into his cup. “Hello! Do you have a death wish?”

“I warned you!” I laughed. “I think I slept a total of thirty minutes, so this coffee has to help me seize the day.”

“Do you mean seizures?” Barb asked after she took a tiny sip and grimaced. “Because this coffee might actually cause seizures!”

Father Brian, now curious, took a sip himself and then another. “What are you talking about? This coffee is good.”

“See you guys. It’s definitely a skill. And Father Brian says it’s good.”

“It’s good for causing stomach ulcers, Anne. What were you thinking?” Father retorted.

My head snapped back. “Whaaat?!”

“Stick to the nursing, Anne. You are never allowed to make coffee ever again.” Father Brian said as he offered to take Bill and Barb’s cups away. I held mine to my chest, protectively.

“Boo. That was harsh.” I said as I shrugged and took another sip, much to their astonishment. These people had obviously never had to survive a night shift.

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