This girl is on fire

I put my head down, pinched my nose and hustled to the laundry room. I was unseen by anyone.

Using the keys I opened the door and set to work getting the sleeping bag stuffed into the washer and poured a generous amount of detergent in. I gave my hands a wash in the sink, locked the door and then scurried up the stairs to the third floor to drop the keys off in the office. Lydia silently looked up from her paperwork, gave me a thumbs up.

I returned to my room and surveyed the mess we had left after returning from the island. I scowled, took a deep breath and started into it. Picking up, folding, organizing. I even started to put some of the clothes back into our luggage. After all we were leaving camp on Saturday morning. The thought made me a little sad. Actually, it made me a lot sad.

I quickly tried to push the blueness down as I continued to tidy. In the distance I could faintly hear “Walking on Broken Glass” by Annie Lennox beginning to play. I started humming along, bopping my head and swaying to the beat. Then I softly broke into song as I folded.

“So take me from the wreckage. Save me from the blast. Lift me up and take me back. Don’t let me keep on walking. I keep on walking on. Keep on walking on broken glass. Walking on, walking on broken glass.”

Then I committed to a loud “Woooooooo ooooo!” as I posed with my arms outstretched.

Danielle knocked loudly on the door and startled me. I turned, stumbled and put my hand to my heart. I could feel the heat of a blush flash across my face. Danielle giggled. “Hey Anne! Interested in a run? We are leaving in about 10 minutes. Wanna join us?”

“Ya. I do.” I figured the tidying and singing could wait.

“OK. Meet us at the beach.”

“Sure thing.” I said, trying to regain my composure.

“Don’t stop singing just for me!” Danielle said over her shoulder as she walked away. I laughed awkwardly, still embarrassed at being caught.

I hastily changed my clothes into my (only slightly) musty and sweaty smelling running attire. I threw my baseball hat on and tied my running shoes up. I did some stretches and then headed out the hall, down the stairs and did a jog to the beach.

Campers and counselors were busy with swim testing. It looked pretty intense. Danielle and Maggie were waiting at the beach gate for me and they looked like they were deep in conversation. I gave a little wave as I arrived.

“Hey ladies. I’m ready for some torture!” I clasped my hands together and we all turned to go.

“Now everyone of us was made to suffer.” Maggie said as she started a slow jog up the dirt road. I thought that was a rather odd statement although in the context of running, it made sense.

“Everyone of us is made to weep.” Danielle responded as she gave me a sly look.

“We’ve been hurting one another. Now the pain has cut too deep.” Danielle and Maggie sang together but way off tune. I grinned.

“Jerks!” I said and they both giggled. I took a breath and picked up where they had left off. “So take me from the wreckage. Save me from the blast…”

The joined in and together we sang. “Lift me up and take me back. Don’t let me keep on walking. I keep on walking on. Keep on walking on broken glass. Walking on, walking on broken glass.”

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