Final Touches

I had a quick shower, changed into a bathing suit and layered shorts and a t-shirt over top. I stuffed my pockets with my little collection of first aid items and slipped on my sandals. I grabbed my backpack and galloped down the stairs and out towards Arts ‘n Crafts. I noticed the scent of the sewage wafted gently in the breeze as the septic truck pulled away. The driver gave me a hearty wave out the window, so I returned the gesture.

Upon entering Arts ‘n Crafts, I peeked into the drama room and saw the campers rehearsing a skit in full costumes. I grinned and turned into the art room. Campers were busy putting finishing touches on various projects. They greeted me with a chorus of “Hi Nurse Anne”! It was so stinking heart warming.

“Hi guys! I’m here to get all arty with you!” I sang back as I sashayed in.

Barb waved me over to the shelf where she had stored the fired pottery. She reached into the jumble, pulled out my bowl and carefully placed it into my outstretched hands. I examined it closely.

“Wow! I did that?” I said as I ran my fingers over it’s chalky surface. I had impressed myself. Of course I never could have accomplished it without Barb’s guidance, and I told her so. She waved her hand dismissively.

“Grab some paint and a brush and get to it.” She directed me to an empty chair beside Lawerence. He was working on an oil painting of a cabin in the woods.

“Nice work there!” I told Lawerence.

“Nice work on your bowl, Nurse Anne.” Lawerence nodded.

‘Why thank you! I had no idea I was capable.”

“You never know, until you try, right? Camp is good for that lesson.” Lawerence told me wisely.

“Indeed.” I smiled.

I chose a sage color and took my time painting my bowl. I enjoyed listening to the campers. They were all agog about the ‘All Camp’ that would take place tomorrow as part of the conclusion of the two week session. They discussed previous ‘All Camp’ themes. From what I gathered they involved a lot of competitive games that, rather comically, only remotely had anything to do with the theme. Also, it seemed that in recent years there was no winner declared, as “everyone is a winner at Camp Acorn!”. This decision was very controversial and I listened closely as they debated both sides of the argument.

I finished up my bowl returned it to Barb for the final firing. I gave her a high-five as I turned to leave.

“Bye Nurse Anne,” the campers called to me.

“Chow, dudes! See you at lunch! And…maybe make sure you wash your hands!” I told them and gave them a wink and a wave. They responded with shouts and whoops of excitement.

I giggled and shook my head as they shouted after me “Who’s wining, Nurse Anne?”

I stepped out onto the deck overlooking the lake and stopped in my tracks. The windsurfers, experts by this point, zipped across the peninsula. I couldn’t help but beam as I watched the colorful sails bob along the water as a gentle breeze blew across my face. I wished I had my camera, I thought as I felt a stab to my heart, although, I knew that any photo that I took would never capture this beauty. We would be leaving camp in less than forty-eight hours and I was missing it already.

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