Saving Lives and Creating Laughter

I wandered down the path to the wind surfing and kayak area. I dealt with a couple of customers there.

Daniel had a case of swimmer’s ear that had failed jiggling, aggressive yawning, and jumping on one foot with his head tilted sideways. None of these proved effective, so I fished in my pocket and found an alcohol swab and squeezed a tiny drop of alcohol in his ear. That was enough to relieve it and the trapped water trickled down his cheek.

“Thanks Nurse Anne!” Daniel gave me a high five.

Jim had a small gash in his foot from the rocks along the shore that required a bit of bacitracin and a bandaid from my pocket. I gave him my usual spiel about keeping it clean and dry. I received another high five.

As I was finishing up I witnessed a half dozen of the windsurfers with their sail-less boards lined up as one of the campers attempted to walk across the boards.

“That looks fun.” I said to Jim as I nodded my head towards them. “Another game of piano keys?”

“No. This is different since they are using windsurfing boards. We call this ‘Jesus walks on the water’.” Jim explained. “It’s pretty tricky.”

“I believe you.” I responded with a wink as the camper attempting the it splashed into the water. “Not everyone can pull it off.”

“Yup.” Jim responded, obviously not following me.

”I have heard of one guy who did it though.” I said as we watched the camper struggle back up onto the board.

“Seriously? Who was that?” Jim looked at me, intrigued. “It’s impossible!”

“Oh…tsk…what was his name? Grr!” I said as I rolled my eyes heavenward, and tapped my forehead in an excellent attempt at faking my lapse in memory. “Oh. Ya. Jesus. His name was Jesus.” I quickly looked at Jim. He tried to suppress a smile. “It was a real miracle!” I said as I barely managed to get it out without laughing.

Jim burst into an enormous smile. “Ahhhh! You got me! You got me Nurse Anne!!” He pointed his finger at me and shook it.

“Gotcha!” I pointed back at him and then threw my head back and laughed.

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