Covert Operations Super Star

I left the windsurfers and headed back to the main house. I stomped up the stairs again and retrieved the laundry room keys from the unoccupied office. I ran down the stairs and around to the laundry room where I unlocked the door and fetched the sleeping bag. It was 95% dry. Should be good by bedtime tonight, I figured, my window of opportunity to return it undetected was shrinking, so I gathered it up and stuffed it under my arm. After locking the laundry room back up I jogged over to the hut and placed the sleeping bag onto Lawerence’s bunk. I left it a little rumpled so it wouldn’t look too obvious. Then I stepped back out of the hut and looked around. No one in sight. Mission impossible: complete. Woo hoo! I jumped into a lunge and threw my hands in the air.

“Super star!” I whispered as I wiggled my fingers in the air.

I needed to get a cake organized, so I casually headed to the kitchen. Shawn was cutting vegetables for lunch.

“Yo! Shawn! Wassup?”

Shawn looked up from his work and gave me a smile. “Hey, super star!”

“Oh. Did you just see that?” I winced.

“Oh ya! It made me chuckle.”

So much for my super stealth status. I needed to work on being more incognito in the future. It occurred to me that this was the second time I was “caught in the act” today.

“It’s just my usual antics. You know.” I shrugged. “ How’s business for you?”

“Just getting lunch going. I’m guessing from your demonstration there, that business is good for you?”

“Business has been steady but no level one traumas or anything yet today. But you know how that is. Things can change on a dime, so I never try to let my guard down.

I can’t believe that the session is almost over! I’m gonna miss the camp vibe, that’s for sure.” I frowned. “I guess I’m just a kid at heart.”

“I would agree with you. You are are definitely a kid at heart. Obviously.”

“Is that a nice way of saying that you think I’m immature?” I laughed.

“No! Now don’t go putting words in my mouth!” Shawn waved a carrot at me. “Getting older is mandatory but growing up is optional.” Shawn said.

“True. I kinda envy the kids. Life is so much less complicated for them. And camp is a terrific atmosphere for promoting joy and playfulness.

Speaking of joy. I wondered if I could order a cake for the ‘Clean Hands Award’?”

“Absolutely. Do you want that for dinner tonight?”

“You could swing it that quickly?”

“No problem. I will make a couple of LITs make the mashed potatoes for dinner so I can make your cake.” Shawn said as he continued to skillfully cut carrot sticks like an expert.

“That would be great! Thanks so much Shawn!” I gave him two thumbs up.

“Most welcome! I actually love making cakes and decorating them. I might even add some sprinkles on top.”

“Sprinkles too?”

“I don’t do sprinkles for everyone, you know.” Shawn said.

“I’m so honored, Shawn. Thank you!” I clasped my hands to my heart.

“Well…you ARE a super star!” Shawn pointed another carrot at me.

I gave him my best lunge, hands towards the heavens and roared, “Super star!”


I bowed my head in thanks, offered a little wave, turned and gave my very best run way strut. “I’m off to the water front! Chow!” I said over my shoulder.

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