Do you have what it takes to be a camp nurse? Take the quiz and see!

Check all that apply:

1. You are cool with a sketchy internet connection and no cell service.

No way, no how!

2. You have a first aid book and you have the chapter on bear maulings tabbed.

Hmmmm….now what to pack for a bear mauling….

3. Hanging around with 80 children who are not your own sounds like fun!

4. Perma-dirt on your feet is “no biggie”.

5. Removing slivers is one of your fortes.

6. You love the smell of mosquito spray in the morning!

7. You have a soft spot for teenage counselors who are entertaining campers at 80 cents/hour.

8. The thought of a forty minute van ride to the local ER, around hairpin turns, and at break-neck speed does not faze you.

Tree huggers, unite!

9.  You are envirendly.


10. You cherish creating awesome summer memories that will last until the Alzheimer’s kicks in.

What was your score?

1-4: God bless you. You still need some training. But don’t despair! It can be done. Just go out and hug some trees, don’t shower for a couple of days, and turn your cell phone off for a week.

5-7: You are almost there my friend! Do not be discouraged! Just grab your 1st aid book and a flash light and go sit in your tent without any bug spray and success will be achievable.

8-10: You are the epitome of a Camp Nurse. Totes McGoats. You have the know-how, you have the resilience, and you have a screw loose! You have what it takes. Now…find a local camp that needs your expertise and apply!